Sunday, 29 October 2017



We are excited to announce that the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance (CCEG) will be hosting a Token Holders Meeting on Livestream at 1pm GMT, 8th November. This event will come one day after the verified results of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) are announced on 7th November. All investors are encouraged to attend.

CCEG is a not-for-profit British think tank that has been measuring values since 2011. We firmly believe in accountability, good governance and transparency, and that all Seratio Token holders should have their say. Unlike many ICOs, we have a clear and accessible structure, advisory board, and system of checks and balances that prevents challenges such as those increasingly being reported. This Token Holders Meeting is a chance for us to thank our investors and community for their support during our ICO and to present our vision for the future.

CCEG Directors Barbara Mellish and Prof Dr Olinga Ta’eed will chair the meeting and look forward to speaking directly with members of the Seratio community.

This event will present plans for future development, a progress update on the Seratio alt-coin pipeline and, crucially, to answer questions from the community. As the Seratio community is at the centre of the Seratio Token and the world of Cryptocurrencies with Values, the community will therefore be at the heart of our 8th November Token Holders Meeting.

We are inviting our investors and Bounty community members to submit their questions and ideas about the Seratio Token, the Seratio Platform, future development, Seratio-based alt-coins, and – most importantly – questions about accountability, transparency, and good governance of the Seratio project.

Please submit your questions by the 7th November. We will then collect and prepare your submissions so we can respond to and discuss them at the Seratio Token Holders Meeting the following day.

To encourage as many supporters as possible to submit questions, we are holding a contest for the most interesting, innovative and intriguing questions and ideas about the Seratio Platform and Token project.

There will be six prizes, for the following categories:

1 - The most interesting FUTURE DEVELOPMENT idea or question                 - SER 250
2 - The most interesting TRANSPARENCY idea or question                               - SER 250
3 - The most interesting GOOD GOVERNANCE idea or question                       - SER 250
4 - The most interesting TECHNICAL idea or question                                        - SER 250
5 - The most interesting ALT-COIN idea or question                                            - SER 250
6 - OTHER, the most interesting ideas or questions about anything else!           - SER 250

When submitting your questions or ideas, you will be asked to pick one of the above categories.

We will announce the winners at the Seratio Token Holders Meeting on the 8th November. We look forward to hearing all your interesting and innovative ideas, and most challenging questions!


Go for it! See on the 8th November at 1pm GMT!


The CCEG Seratio Team

Friday, 27 October 2017

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